Case Study

Local MSP partners with ESHA IT to increase service offerings.

The Challenge

A local Managed Service Provider (MSP) of IT software, networking and help desk services needed to offer more services to their customers. After a few years in business, their clients wanted cybersecurity services which they didn’t offer so they were going to other full-service IT companies. Cybersecurity became a concern of the MSPs clients because they heard about the large number of reported cyber-attacks that affected small and misized companies (SMBs) in 2018. The MSP wanted to offer more services but didn’t want to take on the costs so they decided that the best solution was to partner with a company that offered the services their customers needed.

The Solution

The MSP reached out to ESHA IT because they knew they had a global team with a rich & diverse cybersecurity experience. ESHA IT’s services included cybersecurity, IT strategy and consulting, security compliance (HITRUST, HIPAA, PCIDSS, GDPR etc.) penetration testing, security monitoring and audio-visual products.

Cybersecurity services

The MSP had multiple rounds of discussions about the ways ESHA IT has helped SMBs to reach security compliance which bolstered their overall security posture. A key point that resonated with the MSP was the several success stories of how ESHA IT was able to help our SMB clients in a cost effective, efficient & streamlined manner. As a result, they decided to start a partnership with ESHA IT.

Audio Visual Services

The MSP also had several customers that asked them about Audio Visual (AV) services. They were introduced to ESHA AV who was also part of the ESHA corp group of companies. Impressed by their service and experience they decided to partner with them. This allowed the MSP to provide extend AV services to their clients. This included high-definition video streaming and video conferencing in their large and small conference room.

Benefits to the MSP

After a few months of partnering with ESHA IT, the MSP’s clients were able to choose from the variety of security offerings in addition to networking and hep desk services. The relationship has been a success and the two entities have worked together on seven accounts over the course of eight months. The services were either white-labelled or showcased as a strategic partnership offering. Other benefits include:

  • One-stop services provider with an enhanced service suite at no investment
  • Access to senior security advisers
  • Enhanced client experience due to a familiar & trusted engagement
  • Additional revenue stream
  • Two-way client referral

The Results

By leveraging ESHA IT and ESHA AV, this MSP was able to offer their clients sophisticated cybersecurity, pen testing and AV services. Simultaneously, ESHA Corp was able to leverage the MSP’s implementation services for their clients. Since the client was already comfortable with the MSP, they requested Cybersecurity and Audio-Visual services from them instead of going to an outside service.

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