Is your business compliant to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?

A breach of the GDPR requirements can results in fines and mandates that can significantly impact your ability to operate your business and additional fines, compliance mandate, etc.

If your business is collecting and/or storing data from citizens or residents in Europe, you will be affected by the provisions of GDPR. Complying to GDPR takes more than adding a banner to your website making visitors aware of cookies from your website.

European citizens have a right to request their personal data in an easily readable format that provides the relevant information on the data being processed, the purpose, and if it was sent to a third party.

How can your business become GDRP compliant?

To achieve GDPR compliance, businesses handling the personal data of any European citizen needs to abide by the standards related to the gathering, storing, correcting and removal of personal data.

It’s important that your business knows where customers data is kept and who has access to it. They also need to responsible and have a security plan in place that implements measures to safeguard consumer data. Businesses will also need to train their employees on ways to handle customer data and requests correctly.

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