StartSecure – A program enabling SMBs to adopt Cybersecurity

The U.S. Congressional Small Business Committee found that 71% of cyber-attacks happened to small businesses. Hackers target smaller companies because they often lack the resources, expertise and, budget to devote to cybersecurity.

When an organization is breached, they lose more than just data –

Loss of company and client data could lead to damaged company reputation and clients suing and/or leaving your company.

Loss of revenue, profits, valuation and market share may cause potential investors to start backing out

Increase in premium for cyber insurance, post breach consulting services, remediation activities and fines

There have been numerous cases of hacks on larger corporations through a successful breach of their smaller service providers, who often fall prey to sophisticated attackers. Hence, showcasing a strong security posture by service providers is mandated by most large corporations through their vendor risk program.

Accorian specializes in aiding SMBs understand, streamline & meet their security goals that allows them to bolster their security posture and meet requirements of their clients.

The Accorian Advantage

Accorian’s cybersecurity and compliance teams bring a wealth of experience to help navigate organizations through their information security journey. Our hands-on, white-glove approach combined with a goal-oriented, proven methodology brings both fiscal value and expertise to each of our clients. The facts speak for themselves.


The program is executed through workshops, interviews, analysis and tests enabling our experts to gauge & assess your security posture. This will then enable you to answer the following critical questions from stakeholders:


Your current threats & vulnerabilities

Accorian’s StartSecure services range from

StartSecure Program

Virtual Security Team Services

Implementation Advisory Services

Security Program Management

Assisted Vendor Risk Management

Virtual CISO Services

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