vCISO /Virtual Chief Information Security Officer

Chief information Security Officers (CISOs) or Head of Information Security are highly sought after, to the point individuals with the right professional experience are both scarce and expensive.
For many small & mid-sized organizations finding the right balance between maturity, security, and expense can be challenging. With the development of cybercrime, the new application-age, and a consistently changing landscape, a vCISO may be the answer to your needs. Accorian’s vCISO can give your organization decades of experience and maturity with the power of a full-scale team of SMEs behind them, essentially becoming your cybersecurity and compliance partner for a fraction of a full-time CISO.

The Accorian Advantage

Accorian’s cybersecurity and compliance teams bring a wealth of experience to help navigate organizations through their information security journey. Our hands-on, white-glove approach combined with a goal-oriented, proven methodology brings both fiscal value and expertise to each of our clients. The facts speak for themselves.

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