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 Introduction to Penetration Testing

A penetration test (pen-test) is a simulated cyber-attack on an IT system. Like your annual physical, an annual penetration test is a vital part of ensuring your enterprise security is up-to-date. With the rate of cyber threat & vulnerabilities increasing every year in the last decade, a penetration test is necessary to ensure you detect vulnerabilities present in your technology landscape before a hacker exploits it.

Our Services

Accorian’s ethical hackers have the experience and skill to conduct pen tests for all parts of your IT system

External Penetration Test

An external pen tests is the best way to find weaknesses in a company’s IT assets that are visible on the internet. This includes their website, email and domain servers. Our security experts can identify and examine vulnerabilities to determine if they can be exploited by a hacker.

Internal Penetration Test

An internal pen test is an effective way to find vulnerabilities in applications behind a company’s firewall. This involves simulating an attack by a malicious insider. Finding these weaknesses could prevent an attack by a rogue employee or a hacker using stolen employee credentials.

Application Penetration Test

An application penetration test can uncover programming flaws and authorization issues that could lead to a data breach. Our certified experts can identify vulnerabilities in different programming languages and environments. Our reports will give you an understanding.

Phishing Security Test

It just takes one user falling prey to a phishing email for an attacker to gain access to your network. Our experts can help you prepare you for a ransomware attack by conducting phishing campaigns in your organization. By tracking the open and click-through rates we can provide an understanding of your company’s phishing risk.

Mobile Application Penetration Test

Mobile applications need to be secured especially if they are connected with backend servers. We offer pen tests for Apple and Android devices. This involves a vulnerability assessment to see if there is a way that a hacker can gain access to your network. After the test, we will report our findings and help you create a robust wireless network.

Wireless Penetration Test

Wireless technology can be an easy way for hackers to gain access to your network. Our team will evaluate the security of your wireless networks by testing your defenses and finding the gaps. We can provide a report and recommend ways to improve your wireless security.

Social Engineering

Too often our digital lives expose ourselves to adverse security scenarios; the result of which can lead to identity theft, ransomware, password theft. Ensuring you are thinking of all the ways your business is susceptible is important to having a complete security system.

Red Team Exercises

Red team exercises offer a way for enterprises to fully test their security posture. This is a high-complexity exercise where our most experience ethical hackers will try to creative, simultaneous, and fluid ways to infiltrate your system and exploit any weakness to the fullest extent. Red-team exercises are generally conducted by security-mature enterprises on the front-line of cyberthreat.

Secure Code Review

A secure code scan is needed to identify and fix dangerous coding flaws that are potentially being masked on the front-end.  Accorian will leverage the right tools and processes to ensure that your application is released without any critical weaknesses present.

The Accorian Advantage

Accorian’s cybersecurity and compliance teams bring a wealth of experience to help navigate organizations through their information security journey. Our hands-on, white-glove approach combined with a goal-oriented, proven methodology brings both fiscal value and expertise to each of our clients. The facts speak for themselves.

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